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Frequently Asked Questions

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How large is a site?stall-202-275w

A site is a car space, approximately 2.5m by 5m, with a 2.5m frontage.

What equipment is provided?

No equipment is provided - stallholders must provide their own tables and equipment. Sites are unpowered - stallholders requiring power must provide their own and it must meet the approval of the Gordon Markets Management Committee.

How much does a site cost?


Pay on the day

Payment 1 month in Advance

(No Refunds)

1 Site
2 Adjacent Sites
3 Adjacent Sites










When should I arrive?

Stallholders should arrive on or before 7.00am (depending on how long it takes to set up your stall). All vehicles must be clear of the car-park before 8.00am. On arrival, stallholders will be directed to a numbered car space (site) by the Market Supervisor. All sites are numbered and allocated.

Side row stallholders (those on either the highway or railway sides - see site map) may commence setting up anytime before 7.00am on the Sunday morning. Driveway-row stallholders (this is down the centre of the car park) may not set up until 7.30am.

All stallholders' vehicles must be removed from the market area by 8.00am. Only authorised vehicles are permitted to remain - and any space occupied by such a vehicle must be paid for. As the market is open to 3.00pm and customer safety is our prime concern, no vehicles are permitted to re-enter the market area until after 3.00pm. As Wade Lane is a public thoroughfare, stallholders must ensure that this is kept clear for through traffic at all times. Council Officers attend the markets and will issue infringement notices.

How do I know where my site is?

All sites are allocated numbered car spaces. Unless you are a regular stallholder, you will be advised of your numbered car space by the Market Supervisor when you arrive at the Gordon Markets.

Do I need Public Liability Insurance?

Each stallholder must carry current Public Liability Insurance with a minimum cover of $10 million. Gordon Markets may not inisist on viewing the details of the Public Liability Insurance of casual stallholders. Public Liability insurance is available from a number of providers, including www.netinsure.com.au and www.marketsure.com.au

Food Stalls

Food sellers are required to register for each market at www.foodnotify.nsw.gov.au and must comply with State Health Regulations.

How are the Gordon Markets promoted?

For each market, signs are placed some days in advance around the market site. On the morning of the market, signs are posted on the major arterial routes around Gordon (Pacific Highway, Ryde Road, Mona Vale Road etc). In addition, the markets are advertised in local newspapers, leaflet drops etc.

Who operates Gordon Markets?

The Gordon Markets are operated by the Rotary Clubs of Turramurra and Ku-Ring-Gai, by permission of Ku-Ring-Gai Council. The Market Supervisor and other staff in attendance are all volunteers.

Who is the Gordon Markets Management Committee?

The Gordon Markets Management Committee is a committee of Rotarians from the Rotary Clubs of Turramurra and Ku-Ring-Gai. The Gordon Markets Management Committee is responsible for the conduct of the markets.

Where do the site fees go?

The Gordon Markets Management Committee uses the site fees to pay rent to Ku-Ring-Gai Council, promotion costs and other market expenses. Any surplus after payment of these expenses is donated by the Rotary Clubs of Turramurra and Ku-Ring-Gai to charitable causes.

Where can I learn more about Rotary?

Please visit our websites at:


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